POJ-KON – Manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages

We have been in business for over 30 years and have manufactured nearly 30,000 carriages.

We have been upholding the tradition created by our Fathers and Grandfathers. We enhance their craftmanship techniques by using innovative technologies. By automating the manufacturing process, we can reduce the carriage manufacturing time and provide a very high quality product.

Our carriages are a sign of our own unique style developed over the years. Our customers regularly use our carriages which is the best proof that our carriages meet their expectations.

We also manufacture customised carriages.

We are open to all suggestions and make every attempt to meet our customers’ requirements. With the best interests of our customers in mind, we offer them the best configuration of a horse-drawn carriage that meets their needs.

We have a wide range of accessories such as INOX sides, INOX handles, wheels, rims, INOX spokes and other parts in INOX (stainless steel), various types of brakes on tap and various technical facilities: roofs, tables, chests under seats and carriages.

Customers have a wide choice of carriage colours and can choose the colour of the  upholstery. For several years we have been manufacturing carriages adapted for the disabled. They are equipped with a ramp with handles to allow safe wheelchair access for a disabled person. The carriage floor has special fittings for the wheelchair to secure its stability.

Our range also includes spare parts and warranty and post-warranty services. 

Our company’s priority is to fully satisfy our customers’ needs. To this end, we use our long-standing experience and the knowledge of our qualified employees and of our customers. Our efforts focus on perfect workmanship.

We are pleased that the quality of our carriages is so highly appreciated by our customers who we invite to work with us.

Thank you for your appreciation of our efforts and for your trust in us.